In the last couple of months two things were happening regularly for which we don't have a provision on Stack Exchange.

  • Received exciting answers and ideas to my posted questions.
  • Received a lot of appreciations and accolades for the answers I provided.

In the first case, as a question asker I wanted to provide an instant bounty to the answer provider.

In the second case, the question asker wanted to shower an instant bounty on my answer.

So is there a provision for both the cases?

  • A more interesting question might be 'why would you not want to wait at least 24 hrs? Why any rush? Nov 24, 2017 at 12:15

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No, there is no such thing as an instant bounty.

The help page explaining bounties ("What is a bounty? How can I start one?") explains:

The bounty period lasts 7 days. Bounties must have a minimum duration of at least 1 day.

Similarly, the page for the "Set Bounties" privilege says,

You must wait 24 hours before awarding a bounty.

Why is this? This MSE post gives an excellent explanation: (1) you might get an even better answer if the bounty is in place for a little while and (2) a waiting period helps prevent and expose abuse of the bounty system (moving points to friends, for example).

You should see these posts:

  • If you already have received a brilliant answer, and want to simply say thanks through a bounty, the delay causes numerous problems: adds something to your 'to do' list, wastes legitimate bounty hunters' time clicking on the question /cluttering the bounty section, and (probably most importantly) waste's people's time who arrive at the question looking for answers - they particularly don't care about comments to the effect of 'thanks for the great answer, I'm awarding a bounty to you but have to wait 24 hours because stack overflow arbitrarily etc" that adds no value whatsoever to anyone
    – stevec
    May 6, 2020 at 16:18

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