I don't think the main Stack Overflow site is the correct place to ask.

I had a very specific problem after installing one of the Visual Studio components.

My question would be about a Visual Studio installation issue.

Is there a place in the Stack Overflow community to ask these kind of questions?

(This is probably a duplicate, but since i couldn't find anything related...)


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Visual Studio is a tool that developers use, and from my understanding, that'd be an alright question to pose after you've exhausted Google or other reference material.

Do yourself a favor: when asking this question, be specific and clear about how you're installing Visual Studio (OS version, VS version, etc), and be explicit about the error message you're getting.

  • Ok, i wasn't very specific HERE because it's a meta question, but if i ask on main SO, i will be extremely specific and show effort of my research. All's good then. Nov 17, 2017 at 16:19

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