It seems like the text on the buttons in the top bar is pushed upwards by the line on the bottom. Seems like it should not happen, since it catches my attention, even if it is a small glitch.


Mac OS 10.13.1, Chrome 64.0.3260.2-dev

  • it would be better to add info like browser, its version and OS etc.. no repro in chrome latest in Mac OS Sierra
    – Suraj Rao
    Nov 13, 2017 at 13:33
  • Thanks, added environment info.
    – pckill
    Nov 13, 2017 at 13:34
  • Hmm.. dev edition maybe a browser thing... a developer would confirm
    – Suraj Rao
    Nov 13, 2017 at 13:36
  • 4
    I can repro this in Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10.
    – user247702
    Nov 13, 2017 at 13:49
  • 8
    It is up by the height of the horizontal black selection bar underneath the selected tab. Nov 13, 2017 at 14:18
  • 1
    Can repro in Chrome 59.0.3071.86 on Windows 7.
    – Cᴏʀʏ
    Nov 13, 2017 at 17:01
  • 1
    The issue is that the 2px border-bottom is defined for -item._current, but doesn't exist in the normal cases where -item:not(._current). The rule defining it is: .top-bar .navigation .-item._current .-link {border-bottom: 2px solid #F48024; font-weight: normal } (color is different on meta vs. main).
    – Makyen Mod
    Nov 13, 2017 at 17:14
  • Can also reproduce this in Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit) on Debian/Linux. I think we can all conclude that this issue is not browser specific. Dec 14, 2017 at 13:56

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This can be fixed by adding the following:

.top-bar .navigation .-item._current .-link {
    padding: 2px 12px 0 12px;

I don't see an issue with it, seems like it puts more emphasis on the selected tab

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