The Methodology section in the survey results says:

We converted salaries given in the 38 most-frequently-used currencies to [dollars / Euros / pounds sterling] using the exchange rate that prevailed mid-way through the survey field period.

Do the Methodology notes apply to the downloadable dataset, or does that have raw(er) data?

If they do, which currency is the Salary field really in?

I can make a reasonable guess based on the data, but it would be nice to have an explicit answer. I couldn't find one in the official survey results or in the PDF included with the data.

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In the Salary section, it is specified that USD was used:

DevOps and machine learning specialists tend to command the largest salaries globally. Please see our Methodology section for information on how we converted local currencies used by respondents to U.S. dollars.

But still, looks like the methodology is not properly edited.

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