One of the regularly recurring questions in the MySQL space is how to create pivot tables by transposing data in rows to columns.

In the past years quite a few excellent answers have been provided, describing both static and dynamic pivoting in MySQL.

Today yet another question has been asked in this space: Create columns from the value rows in MySQL

I closed it down as duplicate, linking it to the following question: MySQL - Rows to Columns.

The most upvoted answer provide a step-by-step description on how to create such pivot tables within MySQL. Even the 2nd most updated answer provides a simple code producing the expected results.

Another high-rep user removed the duplicate closure and provided an answer - repeating the same logic described in the answers I linked as duplicate.

The same high-rep user has provided the same pivoting logic to a number of questions already, so could have chosen an alternative dupe target from his own range of answers. Examples:

My question:

Is the Create columns from the value rows in MySQL question a duplicate of MySQL - Rows to Columns?

Update: In the meantime a third high-rep user closed down the question as a duplicate, but I'm still interested in the community's opinion regarding this question.

  • The simple answer is - yes it is a duplicate. – JonH Oct 26 '17 at 19:13

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