Is it possible to use the Stack Exchange V2.2 API to search answers to questions to see if an answer contains a certain string? For example, I want to send over a line of code to see if it has been copied from an answer, without knowing the question or having any other context about the question.


The easiest way is just to use the search page and include the term is:answer (from the help page on searching), e.g. this query returns only answers containing NullPointerException.

It is possible to use the API for this; the q parameter supports (roughly) the same syntax as the search box on the site. You can experiment on this page to see what URL you need; the URL corresponding to the search above is https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/search/excerpts?order=desc&sort=activity&q=NullPointerException%20is%3Aanswer&site=stackoverflow.

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