Over the last week or so I've noticed that the reputation notification is quite often completely wrong. Roughly speaking this error seems to happen for around 10% of the notifications that I get. Here's some examples:

This shows +65, yet there was nothing new:

enter image description here

This shows +5 yet IIRC the total should have been at least +30, ie. one new upvote per question, as the others had already been seen:

enter image description here

This shows +151, yet it should be +15:

enter image description here

As you can see, the difference in the values shown and the actual reputation I earned are not in sync at all, and almost seems random.

  • Thanks @yivi. Your google-foo is better than mine :) Oct 9 '17 at 7:51
  • It is just random virtual fake internet points. Or this is an A/B test to see how much we pay attention to that number.
    – rene
    Oct 9 '17 at 7:52

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