I liked the reputation graph on the Activity tab in the user's profile. If you don't know what I mean, see this:

enter image description here

This graph is useful for me. However, it is very difficult to see exact changes even when zoomed extremely. How can I get a bigger graph of this?

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    Check the Reputation tab on the network profile, not on the SO profile. stackexchange.com/users/8318177/stevefest?tab=reputation. – Bhargav Rao Oct 8 '17 at 8:18
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    @BhargavRao That is absolutely fantastic! You can make an answer :) – user6250760 Oct 8 '17 at 8:37
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    If you can live with some inaccuracies you could leverage the graphing capabilities of SEDE. – rene Oct 8 '17 at 8:40
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    Nothing is wrong with it, just not all users think it is useful to have a discussion about your/the reputation graph or its size. – rene Oct 8 '17 at 10:52
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    In what way is that not a freehand circle? – philipxy Oct 8 '17 at 20:20
  • That line chart was made with D3 (an old version, by the way). It's quite easy to add a zoom feature to that chart, so the user can zoom in the line chart the way they want. – Gerardo Furtado Oct 9 '17 at 11:00
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    Excellent freehand circle. No wonder you've gained so many (non-applicable) reputation points from this. – user1228 Oct 10 '17 at 20:45

You can use the reputation tab on your network profile, where there is a complete graph of your reputation on all sites where you have more than 200 reputation:

enter image description here

By default, the graph shows the complete curves, so that the time axis goes from when you first signed up on a Stack Exchange site to today and the reputation axis goes from 0 to your reputation on the site where you have the most reputation. If you want to see details, you can zoom in by dragging the mouse from to form a rectangle around the part you want to zoom in on:

enter image description here

If you do this, there is a Reset zoom button so that you can zoom out again.

Also, if you're just interested in one site at a time, you can click on the site name to the right of the graph to hide/show the graph for that specific site.

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    By the way, there is a UI error when I zoom like about ~9000% times bigger. – user6250760 Oct 8 '17 at 10:53
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    Actually it's throwing JS (highcharts) errors at normal zoom as well. But it's clearly bugging out after zooming in too much - like the date axis keeps resetting after a while if you keep zooming in. – Nisarg Oct 8 '17 at 18:36
  • Note that this is specifically the Stack Exchange profile page, and not your site specific profile page (e.g. the Stack Overflow one), as that shows a bar graph, not a line graph. – M. Justin Oct 15 '20 at 21:06

enter image description here

Same as @DonaldDuck's accepted answer, just directly available on any SE site at one click. You can also [right-click --> open link in a new ...] of course if you do not have the middle button of the mouse.

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    Nice! Didn't know that this was possible. – GoodDeeds Jul 31 '20 at 12:01
  • This also delivers the user ID in the URL which you need to get your view / score stats downloaded which will be a nice complement to the curve when downloaded over time. – questionto42 Dec 21 '20 at 22:55

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