This is a feature request for a chat feature. I know there's been a request to disable the 3 character ping but this is a different feature request.


On Discord the username of a user follows a pattern that is ActualUsername#recognizingdigits. For an instance JohnDoe#00001. This means there can be multiple users with the same username, but pings aren't directed to everyone with a given username (see the first link in the question).

So my suggestion is generating a random 5 (could be more though) digit number (avoid the same number on similar usernames). So if you have 3 users with for an instance the username "JohnDoe", one would be "JohnDoe#18532", and a different one would be "JohnDoe#98124". This would though disable the 3 character ping, but it would go one step further; Users with the exactly same username wouldn't get pings for other users. Because JohnDoe#18532 is not JohnDoe#98124.

Doesn't necessarily have to be a 5 digit number, but any kind of unique identifier that ensures people with the same usernames don't get other people's pings. Could be based on the date a given person with a username joined. (The first one with the username JohnDoe would be JohnDoe#1)

Why does it matter?

A while ago, I was in a chatroom where there were two "Amy"'s.

Some names (right now my username is a part of that) have a lot of users. In a search of users with my username there are 23 pages of users. Amy has 207 pages. The chances of multiple users with the same username being in chat are low, but some names (that are real names) have more users. There are over 1300 pages with users with the username "John".

Meaning there's a fairly high chance of having two users with the same username in the same room

My point is a feature request that allows for real distinguishing between different users with the same username. It would need to be added directly into tab auto-complete (because it's a pain remembering all the numbers). Alternatively, the user ID (mine for an instance is 6296561) as the number to use to identify users. Though you could also go with the order in which a person got a username.

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