This is related to but NOT the same as: Unable to filter jobs by C# That is related to just linking through by clicking on the 'c#' tag in listings, this is about re-ordering after getting to the page

I was searching jobs on Stack Overflows jobs section. I viewed the 'C#' page at:


I then re-ordered the list to 'newest' using the drop-down shown here:

The re-order drop-down

But I was redirected to:


Which shows 'C' jobs not 'C#' jobs, although the order is correct.

I looks like the encoded '#' is getting dropped on redirect when being redirected by the drop-down.

Manually adding the encoded '#' to the url https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/developer-jobs-using-c%23?sort=p does work, so it is not being lost when hitting the server.

Tested on Firefox 55 and Chrome 61 on Windows 10 (1703)

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Wheee, so much fun with URL encoding! After battling through a legacy of crazy code it looks like this is finally fixed in all the places. .NET's UriBuilder is notoriously fussy about paths with various characters that you'd expect it to URL encode. Instead of treating them with the respect they deserve it maltreats them by acting like a %23 is a #. It then proceeds to think that the # is the fragment part of the URL. Sad :(

Thanks for the heads up, the fix is now pushed to production.

  • Ive been bitten with UriBuilder too, so totally understand. My last major project was a custom "single sign on" solution, so LOTS of redirects and UriBuilder caused alot of the headaches lol. Thanks for the fix
    – Lski
    Sep 29, 2017 at 9:05

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