On the formatting help page, there are sections about tables and inline versions, which are only available in documentation. Since documentation is being removed and nobody can edit documentation anymore, I don't see the need of keeping documentation-specific markdown features on the formatting help page.

Also, instead of removing the part about tables, I think it would be better to add the table markdown to Q&A as suggested here. This has already been though, so I don't have much hope in it being implemented. I would just like to point out that the reason why it was is because it would allow users to break the page layout, but if they could fix that in documentation, they should also be able to fix that in Q&A. Besides, it's already possible to break the page layout. This question already asks for that feature, I just thought I would mention it here since it's related.

Anyway, please remove the documentation-specific parts from the formatting help page since they are no longer relevant.

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Docs-specific Markdown help will be gone with the next production build.

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