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In this question dbajtr posted an answer before me that was wrong - as mentioned by OP in comments -, After that I posted my answer, Then dbajtr after finding that his answer is wrong edit his post by adding an answer similar to - I can say as same as - mine after 7 minutes of my answer posted, and so on...

I think when OP started the communication with dbajtr, OP doesn't check other answers, So, I can think about this as a way to get my answer accepted by OP - by communicating/commenting - Can it be fine? Or I should do some other actions?

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    Considering there is another answer there with basically the same code it looks like this is just one of those things where your going to get the same answer. I don't anything bad is happening here. All of the answers though a low quality as none of them actually explain how they work. Sep 27, 2017 at 14:09


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