In the Suggested Edits queue, I was editing this post, and this nice message (that someone else had already edited it) appeared. Helpful, of course.

Only, after I had saved the edit, and moved to the next post, the message was still present, even though I was not editing the next post, and doubt someone else had edited it. When switching to history view, it disappeared, and didn't reappear when I switched back to the post.

Please just make that message be gone after saving the edit and moving to the next post. Now it's just weird, and if I want to edit the next one, I probably can't see if someone else has edited that (because the message is already there).

Setup: Windows 7, Chrome 61.0.3163.91, no plugins


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As I noted in the comments above, the problem is that, while the review code does remove other kinds of popups by calling StackExchange.helpers.removeMessages() whenever a new review item is loaded, that doesn't actually get rid of this particular type of notification bar. To do that, the code should also call StackExchange.notify.close(-2).

As of the latest version (v1.50), my SOUP user script includes a fix for this bug that simply runs the missing function call when it detects that a new review item has been loaded.

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