We currently seem to have 3 questions with tag: 1, 2, 3. All three refer to QA-C software, not to quasi-algebraically closed fields, as the tag wiki suggests.

Should the description of existing tag be changed, or should a new tag be created instead (and questions be retagged)?

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The tag wiki was plagiarized (verbatim copy-paste) from Wikipedia, so I hopped into my time machine and prevented it from ever getting approved. It doesn't look like the person who proposed it ever had any involvement with the tag and/or associated questions, so they probably had no idea what the tag actually meant or how to write a good wiki for it, which is why they plagiarized it in the first place.

With that done, the tag was left without a wiki, and thus no ambiguity: all questions with the tag refer to the QA-C static analysis tool, so that's what the tag should be used for. I'm not qualified to write a good tag wiki, either, but I did create an excerpt that at least describes the function of the tag.

I also renamed the tag to , since that's a better match to the actual name of the product.

If there ever comes a time that we need a tag for quasi-algebraically closed fields, then I guess a tag could be created, but I'm not sure that these are sufficiently programming-related to even merit their own tag here.

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