As a Python user, I just searched for an answer using BeautifulSoup. I noticed on a handful of questions, the OPs would use the tag as well as the tag.

, at the time of this posting, has 9,618 postings.

, at the time of this posting, has 434 postings

When and are used together, there are 233 postings.

This is over half of the tags being used alongside with . In fact the tag's info points to . To a Python user, these tags mean the same thing (with being the one that makes the most sense). Should these tags be merged?

There is also no other version that currently has a tag. In fact the documentation on version three reads:

This package is OBSOLETE. It has been replaced by the beautifulsoup4 package. You should use Beautiful Soup 4 for all new projects.

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Absolutely. As the #2 BeautifulSoup question answerer I can tell you that the tag should just be a synonym.

I've made it so.

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