Whilst reading this question: We need to improve our [communication] I wanted to get some number regarding the amount of questions using as their only tag. I decided to do a search using: is:question and [communication] and -[*] This showed less results then doing just a search for . So I thought I had achieved my goal.

As I found out later this wasn't exactly true. When you scroll down far enough in the search results you'll find questions with multiple tags. So I investigated what questions were excluded using and -[*]. It turned out that instead of using the and to join both tags it was used as search parameter in the questions.

I read that using wildcards (*) in tags is something that should work for example from this question: Why does searching for more wildcard tags result in fewer search results?. Also tag exclusion is something that should work according to the help on searching.

So what exactly breaks this query? Is it the wildcard being the sole character of the tag, which makes it search for tags with length 1, instead of all possible lengths?



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