I found that and tags have both the same description, which is, I am guessing, incorrect.

Angular-material tag states:

DO NOT use this tag for AngularJS Material questions.

And angular-material2 tag states:

Do not use this tag for AngularJS Material, the implementation of Material Design for the older AngularJS framework.

This leaves no choice for the Angular Material for AngularJS. Should I correct, as I have that privilege, but I am afraid it will trigger many re-tags and this is new for me, or should I bring this to the moderator attention (then how?)?


As suggested by @surej, there is tag for AngularJS. After a quick check, I saw that almost everybody uses tag for AngularJS. Now, I am more confused between this three tags.

Possible solutions would be:

  1. Synonymize and ;

  2. Synonymize and tags. This should be followed by tag edit to remove 'DO NOT use this tag for AngularJS Material questions' phrase.

In both cases the downside would be leaving some misstagged questions.

There are 3711 questions for vs 1064 for vs 88 questions for .

What is the proper way of managing this?


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There are even more tags floating around:


The AngularJS (1.x) Material library is officially referred to as AngularJS Material, while the second version of it is simply called Angular Material, which is in line with the naming of the Angular core library.

is a tag synonym for , whereas both of them shouldn't even exist in my opinion.

I already cleaned-up and removed the low frequented tags (there is not even a version 4 of angular material - yet) and throughout the last weeks.

In my opinion, the only tags to be used should be either or . Or for some edge cases both of them.

Unfortunately this creates the need to manually divide

  • It does seem like the angular-material is the biggest issue, since it's been around since at least 2014 and has a significant blend. But since it's explicitly described as being for Angular only, and not AngularJS, doesn't that mean that this entire list (questions tagged both angularjs and angular-material) are the ones that require retagging? Is there any hope that we could get a bulk retag from a moderator of all the questions that match the query above, to angularjs-material)?
    – Jack Koppa
    Commented Oct 4, 2017 at 19:54
  • The next step would then be to propose angular-material as the master for synonyms angular2-material and angular-material2. That doesn't seem to have been suggested yet.
    – Jack Koppa
    Commented Oct 4, 2017 at 19:56

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