I am trying to fetch user info using following API.


It returns data like : I want to know what is "quota_max" and "quota_remaining" for?

      "items": [
         {{All User Data}}
      "has_more": false,
      "quota_max": 300,
      "quota_remaining": 250

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quota_max is the maximum number of API calls allowed per day per IP-address.

quota_remaining is the number of API calls you have remaining for this day from this IP-address.

Once you've exhausted that quota any API call will return you an error.

By default everyone is granted 300 API calls per day per IP-address. To increase that quota to 10,000 calls, register your app and obtain a key. If you're on a shared IP-address you better also authenticate your app with a no_expiry key.

See How API keys work and Rate Limiting.

Worth noting that you are also not supposed to call the API more than 30 times within 5 seconds or even more precise: not more than 30 times per second.


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