On September 1st edited "About" section of tag , however after 5 days it still shows as "This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed". Is there something I can do to quicken the peer review?

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    It is not uncommon for tags reviews to take days.
    – Cœur
    Sep 5, 2017 at 5:43
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    Only users with >= 5K can approve tag wiki edits so there are way less reviewers available.
    – rene
    Sep 5, 2017 at 6:28

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I went over the suggested edit queue and skipped my way to your suggested wiki edit.

I was the last one to approve it although it barely made it, with one reject vote.

All is good now.

Only now I learned there should be an edit pending link on the tag wiki page. I swear I visited the wiki page to look for something like that, but I couldn't find it. It must have been the lack of coffee.

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    You know, you don't have to do all that skipping. You can just go directly to the tag info/wiki page and click on the "edit pending" link. :-)
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Sep 5, 2017 at 7:38
  • @CodyGray you can probably ... or with my lack of coffee I must have overlooked it.
    – rene
    Sep 5, 2017 at 7:42
  • I distinctly remember being able to do that before getting a diamond. It's just approving a suggested edit directly on a post. You might need 20k for it, I don't remember, but you have that. So just need more coffee.
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Sep 5, 2017 at 7:44
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    @CodyGray It's there as long as you can vote on tag edits AFAIK
    – Machavity Mod
    Sep 5, 2017 at 12:36

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