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When writing a comment there is this nifty little text to help you past the minimum requirements of comment length:

enter at least 15 characters

which changes into

13 more to go...

as you type.

When I wanted to comment something small I noticed that I reached:

1 more to go...

So I randomly added another space, after which the text changed into:

585 characters left

So I decided to hit the post button which showed me the following error:

error message

So how can we make it clear that spaces don't count toward the 15 character requirement, and accordingly avoid the inconsistency between the messages, as this triggers my OCD quite hard ;)

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  • just dont be OCD! hehe, or have the code trim() whats in the textbox before doing a character length check – Max Alexander Hanna Aug 28 '17 at 14:24

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