I would want to raise a flag when a user violates Site Guidelines using inappropriate usernames, profile pictures, targeted hate speech on their About Me, and so on.

The obvious solution would be to raise a flag on one of their questions/answers. But what if the user has none?

For example, take this user. Thy have absolutely no activity on their profile. Does that give them a free pass to violate Site Guidelines with an inappropriate Username? There are hundreds of such profiles that need pruning.

What can we do about this?

Responding to advice from How do you flag an offensive username when the user has no posts?:

1. If the question isn't deleted yet, flag that, explaining the situation.

Counter: There may not be a question to begin with.

2. Ask a 10k+ user in chat to flag the deleted Q/A.

Counter: View point 1

3. Flag one of your own posts, explaining the situation.

Counter: View point 2 (unless you mean flag any random post of mine in general which is a possibility... but is it the best option?)

4. Ping a mod in chat. (Although this isn't always appreciated. They've got plenty to do already)

Counter: This is an option but will you ping a mod for every such situation?

5. Start a meta thread about the user. (Which gives him a lot of attention: BAD)

Counter: Witchhunting is bad in general, and serves no purpose for profiles like this.


(unless you mean flag any random post of mine in general which is a possibility... but is it the best option?)

It is the only option and it doesn't even need to be a post of your own, any post will do that is not locked. As long as you include a link to the post/profile/wiki/chat for the real issue and explain clearly the context.

I have done that only a couple of times and all of those worked out. I admit it feels a bit counter intuitive but abusing a post for flagging this way doesn't require 6 to 8 weeks of dev time to add a link somewhere and make it do something useful.

Ping a mod in chat. (Although this isn't always appreciated. They've got plenty to do already)

That is right. In SOCVR we have the rule that you don't ping a mod to bring your flag to the front of the flag queue .... but some chat rooms, like SOCVR, have the mods lurking. Here is an ultimate example how not to use that option (sorry Nathan) but here is one of mine, that kind of worked as intended

tl;dr I don't think we need extra features to facilitate flagging of content/actons that are not (on) questions/answers. And if we do the user profile should be the last in my opinion. Wiki's (plagiarism) and Reviews (robo-clickers) are more prominent candidates to have a shortcut to raise a flag.

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    Just to note in the case of rude/abusive usernames or profiles - if they've never posted no one will come across that profile anyway using the site normally so it's not really a problem per se. Once it becomes visible publicly where it is an issue then that'd be via posting something at which point you have a flag target and mods an indicator they are willing to use/get their profile seen etc... I don't see much benefit to what is effectively pre-empting a problem until there is one which can get handled already. – Jon Clements Aug 26 '17 at 7:32
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    @JonClements I partly agree. On the internet there are no secrets and if you're looking for trouble, you'll find it. I think we both know the scenario where users post and delete. That kind of behavioral patterns warrant a flag and would justify having the feature. But for the few random abusive/rude profiles that turn-up in a google/SEDE search and are off limits, meh. – rene Aug 26 '17 at 8:47
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    Given that you have to type in the offensive profile name for it to come up in a search…you basically have no right to complain that a match was found for a string you typed in. And yeah, while pinging in chat can be done respectfully, this really isn't the best choice because any mod can handle one of these situations. No reason to wait for me, or Bhargav, or whomever. Just raise a flag and the next guy/gal on deck can handle it. – Cody Gray Aug 26 '17 at 11:04

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