Shouldn't there be a link to chat in the footer of the Stack Overflow page?

Is there any special reason why it doesn't appear, despite it being mentioned to be there?


I was trying to get more familiar with Stack Overflow; I was the checking my privileges and one of them is to talk in chat. It took me a while to actually find the link to chat, as it just between help and logout in the menu switcher (at the right of the upper bar). I actually needed to check the privilege page to find it. And then I got confused, as it there says:

There is a link to chat in the footer of every page, as well as in the Stack Exchange site switcher menu (top left corner of the page).

This question, Make the Stack Overflow chat more prominently linked, has a discussion about it, but the link is definitely not there. However it is there in another SE site: TeX.

Maybe it was decided to make the exposure even less, but then a update in the description of the privileges would be good.



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