The tag mlab is defined to point to the python-matlab bridge of that name. However many recent questions on that tag are actually related to the PaaS provider of that name mlab. That company used to be called mongolab. There is already a tag for that mongolab. The latter has more questions (483) than the former (200) but neither are particularly popular.

Should be renamed to or and then be renamed to ?

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I don't particularly care for tacking on language tags to a tag unless absolutely necessary. Irritatingly, it shouldn't have been necessary: the mlab library is based on the older mlabwrap library which already has its own tag.

Oh well. It gets even worse: most of the python questions in the mlab tag aren't even about the python-matlab bridge; they're about the Mayavi MLab API or the matplotlib.mlab API. Those, at least, I don't feel so bad about namespacing.

So here's what I've done:

  • The questions that were obviously about Mayavi I retagged
  • The questions that were obviously about Matplotlib I retagged
  • The questions that appeared to be about the bridge library I retagged

I then retagged the rest to mongolab, and finished by renaming mongolab -> (with a synonym in place). These should mostly be about the same thing, so I think we're good.

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