On my User Profile Activity Tab I had Job Recommendations that involved the c# and f# tags (with the hover text "show jobs tagged 'c#'"). However, the tag links for both of those tags were incorrect.

The link for the c# tag was:

https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/developer-jobs-using-c%2523 instead of the expected https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/developer-jobs-using-c%23

Notice the incorrect %25 in the link which causes a 404.

enter image description here

Based on network traffic seems like the incorrect tag link is generated on the server and returned via XHR. The behavior is the same on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

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    Hot tip for reviewers: [bug] reports that have been explicitly tagged [status-completed] don't really need to be closed as non-reproducible. That's silly, a waste of your close votes and other reviewers' time, and ultimately counter-productive. Aug 28, 2022 at 7:13

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Thanks for your report. This has now been fixed. We were double-encoding jobs recommendations URLs, which caused c# and f# tags to be incorrectly rendered as c%2523 and f%2523. Should be all good and up in production now.

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