What is the actual effect of a user upvoting a post before they have sufficient rep to?

I recently linked a friend (who's learning programming) to a question that I thought could be interesting for him. I had submitted an accepted answer to this question (which is how I knew of the question), but didn't think much of it at the time.

He later remarked that he'd upvoted my answer, but that as he had low rep it wouldn't be displayed (the standard message, I can't remember it exactly). I told him that this wasn't the intended use for upvotes, did my civic duty, but as I don't recall getting any rep after showing him the question, it got me thinking:

When I was starting out, I always assumed the message meant something along the lines of "upvote won't be shown, but it'll still be treated like a normal upvote". As far as I know, there are 3 effects of upvotes:

  1. Visible score change on post.
  2. Post's owner gets rep.
  3. Post gets a higher priority for viewing (questions become "hot", answers rise to top).

Which of these does "upvoting a post before having gained the upvote privilege" actually perform? From this encounter it seems like it doesn't do the first two, so I'm wondering if it does the third.



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