I flagged this answer as low quality because earlier it had just a hyperlink. But later the user edited the question and provided the information. I no longer see it as a low quality answer, and want to retract the flag. But I am not able to see the retract flag option.

Below is the screenshot for flag window with Low Quality Flag:

Low Quality Screenshot

However with the "Not a answer" flag for this answer I can still see the "Retract Flag" option. Here's the screenshot:

Not a answer screenshot

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This is by design.

Very low quality flags are automatically marked as helpful when the flagged post is edited, so you don't have to retract it.

This isn't the case for Not an Answer flags, which stay active after an edit. Thus you may have to retract it if you think the post has been edited into a valid answer.

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    You are right. My flagged queue status for that answer shows as "helpful" Aug 4, 2017 at 22:24

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