I live in Pasadena, MD and was searching for jobs near my area. There appear to be at least two pages of results:


When selecting page two at the bottom the search criteria is changed to jobs in Pasadena, CA: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/developer-jobs-in-pasadena?sort=i&pg=2

When you navigate 'back' to the previous page, the search criteria is changed to Pasadena, CA.

I also noticed that the link itself is correct but there seems to be some sort of redirect happening when you click it:

<a class="job-link" href="/jobs?sort=i&amp;l=Pasadena%2c+md&amp;d=20&amp;u=Miles&amp;pg=2" title="page 2 of 2">2</a>


  • Search "Pasadena, MD" in the location
  • Scroll down to the pager and select page 2
  • Notice you are on page 2 of Pasadena, CA results.


It appears as though even clicking the links here is redirecting to the developer-jobs-in-pasadena url.

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We had a bug that treated all the Pasadenas as Pasadena, CA... all the Birminghams as Birmingham, UK. What's even funnier is that... the urls weren't sticky (so while today /developer-jobs-in-pasadena would point to Pasadena, CA that could change in the future).

I've just deployed a fix for this. If you see more issues while using our job board... you know where to find us :)

Thanks for reporting this!

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