Sometimes when I browse new questions I find a well written, interesting question which I can't answer. If this happens, I'll normally just upvote the question so that it will be more visible to others who might be able to answer it.

However, at the moment I don't get a notification when this question is answered. I upvoted the question because I'm interested in it, so I am likely also interested in the answer. But without a notification I either forget about the question or it is hard for me to find it again.

So I think when you upvote a question from someone else and the original asker accepts an answer, the upvoters should be notified that the question has been answered.

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Sometimes users upvote good questions even if they already know the answer, or when they don't care about the answer. Why? Because we encourage good, descriptive, and well-written questions, because they might be relevant to other users.

I don't want noisy notifications to fill my inbox. If I want to "follow" a post, I do so by marking it as a favorite.

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    In other words, don't merge the way we rate content with content we want to subscribe to. – Cody Gray Aug 2 '17 at 11:28
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    It's exactly this: Up-voting a post doesn't mean I want to get notified of new answers. Imagine being active in 3 SE sites, and getting a notification for all the up-voted questions. Even limiting this to questions without an answer that get answers later, it would still a nightmare. – kiamlaluno Aug 3 '17 at 5:00

If you want to be able to find out when a question is answered then favorite it. You can see which of your favorites questions have been answered since you last viewed them.

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