I'm a bit active in the Xamarin tag (mainly xamarin.forms tag) and I read everyday questions about Xamarin. These questions are mainly:

  1. Questions about the UI
  2. Questions about the code behind / functionality

The first type of questions rarely have the XAML tag and the language to create the UI in a Xamarin app is XAML. So, in my opinion they should include this tag.

The second type of questions usually don't have the C# tag, however in the majority of the cases the problem is related to C#. C# is also the language used to write the code for Xamarin apps.

In summary I think that questions about Xamarin UI have to use the XAML tag and questions about Xamarin code have to use the C# tag. This also could improve the visibility of these questions.

There are some meta discussions that support my opinion Language tags on library questions, Should processing questions also be tagged with java.

What do you think about this?

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Considering that the vast majority of Silverlight, WPF, WinRT and UWP questions all include the tag, I don't see why Xamarin should be any different.

I don't see any problem with including the programming language either, if the question is about writing code (be it code-behind or application logic). The aforementioned technologies support a variety of languages besides C#, and language tags are relevant wherever code plays a primary role.

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