The "Stack Overflow Constitution" was introduced in Stack Overflow Podcast #88.

A big change to pay close attention to: We’re writing the Stack Overflow Constitution, and we’re asking you, our listeners, to vote on the various elements of this new pivotal document.

Each week, a new amendment is proposed, listeners are asked to comment and vote on them via Twitter (#StackOverflowPodcast), and a winning answer is chosen.

There hasn't previously been a list of all the constitutional amendments and the winning responses, but there is now. The wiki post below can be updated as new amendments are added.

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    Does anyone else think it's weird that this "document" is composed entirely of amendments? What do they amend? Jul 21, 2017 at 18:03
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    @BilltheLizard Most US history classes make the students learn about each of the amendments, even some make the students memorize what each amendment did. But very rarely does the class require the student to even read the US Constitution. Composing the SO Constitution entirely of ammendments could either be a mockery of that failure or a result of that culture.
    – Davy M
    Aug 9, 2017 at 22:45
  • @DavyM then that is a failure of out f-ed up education system in which the lowest common denominator gets preference. When I was in school, we did learn about the constitution itself before the bill of rights Sep 26, 2017 at 0:51
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    @psubsee2003 To whom are you referring when you say the lowest common denominator gets preference?
    – Davy M
    Sep 26, 2017 at 3:22
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    Isn't this where you pledge allegiance to Joel Spolsky, and to the Meta, in which he takes stands?
    – Machavity Mod
    Oct 24, 2017 at 20:32

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Amendment 1

Socks go on before pants or pants before socks?

Con. I tried to put socks on before pants but got an InvalidOperationException. – Bryan Bedard

Amendment 2

Should programming languages count toward your college language requirement?

My request was denied, so I got to learn a little French instead. – Michael Berkowski

Amendment 3

When you are at the supermarket, should you be able to eat an item BEFORE you get to the cash register?

Pro, the only problem is fitting on the scales after snacking by the bulk bins. – Jonathan Lisic

Amendment 4

Are you allowed to stand over the IT person while you wait for them to reset your password?

Amendment 5

Do you hold the door for a colleague if you know it’s going to make them run?

Pro. Not only am I being polite, I’m helping improve their health. – Andrew Bickerton

Amendment 6

If somebody drops a scrap of paper on the subway and they don’t notice, do you tell them?

Amendment 7

Should you be allowed to comment out code and check it in?

CON, this dark road leads to being featured on an episode of 'Hoarders.' – @Joe_Stetch

Amendment 8

Is it ok to get a mechanical keyboard with loud "clicky" keys when you are sharing an office?

PRO because they shouldn’t be able to hear the keyboard over my trap music. – @TheBestHuman

Amendment 9

Is it pronounced GIF with a hard G /ɡif/ or GIF with a J /jif/?

I like my Gifs with a hard G, because I refuse to unwrap Jifts at Christmas. – @AgileStCyr

Amendment 10

Shall we bring back Hungarian Notation?

YAY but only the real Hungarian notation. Semantics based instead of type based. In Hungarian instead of English. – @inka22222

Amendment 11

Is it sufficient to close a bug as NOT REPRO or do you have to write some kind of explanation?

Always explain… that’s the point of SO after all. – @racascou

Amendment 12

Is it grammatically correct to say "Data is…" or "Data are…"?

CON because it’s weird to say "Data are my favorite Star Trek character" – @ethanjpeters

Amendment 13

When driving with a friend, is it ok to ask that friend to get out and direct you while parallel parking?

I reach out for help
You guide me to safe landing
Social bonds are built
– @HaikusByIsaac

Amendment 14

If you switch back and forth between Macintosh and Windows should you remap COMMAND to be ALT and vice versa?

CON. We CTRL our minds to adapt to the ALT keyboard layouts since there is no ESC from other machines in the world. – Daniel Allan White

Amendment 15

Should you have a 50 character max for the first line of your commit message?

PRO: because 50 characters should be enough if you're – Tzach Zohar

Amendment 16

If you are making a sandwich for yourself, do you cut it in half?

PRO All bread products taste better when cut diagonally. True for sandwiches, toast and especially bagels. – Andrew Wilkinson

Amendment 17

If you’re writing an IF statement, and you’re comparing a variable to a constant, should you flip it so that you put the constant first?

PRO Be always careful we must, but only a Sith deals with absolutes. Also easier to read it becomes. – Victor Villas

Amendment 18

When you say that you are going to "table" a topic, does that mean that you are going to talk about it now, or that you are not going to talk about it at all?

Pro. Thanks for chairing this poll about tabling. I'm sure I will be floored by the results. – Tom Eldridge

Amendment 19

When replying to an email, you cannot reply inline. You must always add your reply above the quoted text.

Asger‏ @oddswithreality
Replying to @HaikusByIsaac @StackPodcast and 6 others
>> ... CON ...
>That's got my vote.
>>... you *cannot* reply inline ...
>This is clearly false.
Haikus by Isaac‏ @HaikusByIsaac
>>> ... CON ...
>>That's got my vote.
Of course it is,

View on Twitter

Amendment 20

On what day of the week does ‘this weekend’ and ‘next weekend’ mean something different?

CON - In JS it would be: isWeekEnd() ? next = following_occurance : next = this ; isWeekEnd() ? this = current : this = next ; – Timothy Birrell

Amendment 21

Should you throw away the sub-liner on yogurt and hummus containers?

CON: not because the liner offers protection; because I'm too lazy to take it to the trash right away. - Ru Cindrea

Amendment 22

If you live in a touristy city, like NYC, is it rude to say "no" if someone asks you to take a picture of them?

PRO. But use your own camera, thank them, and walk off. – Tim Wright

Amendment 23

If I say "June 1st at midnight," am I referring to the morning of June 1st or the evening?

PRO: at midnight on Jan 1st 0000 it was officially decided that the last second of the day is 11:59:59: – Ari Porad

Amendment 24

Is it okay to throw things in other people's trash cans when walking down a row of cubicles? PRO for yes, CON for ew, no.

CON don't use their trash can, leave it on their desk. One mans trash is another mans treasure. – Sharshiel Borisute

Amendment 25

In markdown, when adding to the middle of a numbered list, do you fix the subsequent numbers? Answer with PRO if you must correct the numbers, or CON if you think “Why bother? The syntax will straighten itself out."

  1. Add your list item
  2. Fix all the other items
  3. Vote PRO
  4. Realize that you’re a good person

– Ari Porad

Amendment 26

When reading code, would you pronounce the parentheses in a function call as "bananas"? PRO = Yes, I would call them bananas; CON = No, Jason Punyon is bananas.

Er what? CON.
Bananas: 🍌🍌🍌
Parens: ()
One makes bread, the other makes LISP. Can't you tell the difference?
– Monica Cellio

Amendment 27

When commenting code, comments should be inline, instead of above the line.

CON: Requiring all comments to be in-line is out of line. 😡 – (((Nat Knight)))

Amendment 28

Is an OS background process (“D-A-E-M-O-N”) pronounced “demon” or “damon”?
Post PRO if you pronounce it "DEE-mon", or CON if you pronounce it "DAY-mon".

DEE-mon. 2 reasons:

  1. Most of them are evil.
  2. Damons cost a lot of money and time to save, see: so many movies.

– Nick Craver

Amendment 29

Is it ok to take your shoes off at the office?
Pro: Take 'em off! CON: Shoes are required

PRO : but remember, barefooters (like atheists) ain’t got no soul! – Sean Ennis

Amendment 30

In line at the supermarket, which customer is responsible for placing the divider bar between items?
PRO is the person in front should do it and CON is the person in back should.

Con, there's no such thing as a free lunch. – Corey Beaumont

Amendment 31

When working in git, one must always use rebasing instead of merging branches.
Post PRO if you prefer rebasing over merge and CON if its merge over rebasing all the way.

CON: Those who edit their git history are doomed to repeat it – @TheOnlyMego

Amendment 32

It is forbidden to participate in a Hangout or other video conference while working at a treadmill desk or any other form of treadmill.
Post PRO if you think that treadmill desks should be banned when in a video call or CON if you think that exercising while in a meeting is fair game.

PRO! Unless the treadmill-er falls with great hilarity, in which case their behaviour is permitted. – @toonarmycaptain

Amendment 33

Candy Corn: PRO or CON?
Post PRO if you think that candy corn is delicious or CON if you think they are disgusting and no one should eat them ever.

PRO Because to support corn, in all its forms, is what it means to be American. – Adam Richeimer

Amendment 34

Khan (full name “Khan Noonien Singh”) was the best villain on Star Trek:
Pro: Khan
Con: Not Khan

Pro: only Khan Khan do the Khan Khan – Mordechai Zuber

Amendment 35

Eggnog? Is it delicious? Is it even food?

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