I asked, what I thought at the time was, a specific well-formed question.

The only answer received on it to date answers the question well as it was asked but it turns out not for my particular specific scenario. I now, of course, realise that I ought to have been more specific in my original question but that ship has sailed...

I have upvoted, but not yet accepted the answer.

My options now as I see it, are:

  1. Accept the answer then ask a new question referencing the original and why it's not suitable for my specific scenario
  2. Edit my original question and add enough comments to include the specifics I omitted originally and hope for a revised answer

(2) seems the most 'natural' but it would make the existing answer (which is a good solution and of potential value for at least a proportion of people who could face a similar problem) appear to not answer the question. I am therefore leaning towards (1).

Which is the right approach? (Or am I missing a third option?)


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