Up until a couple of days ago, there was a Google Assistant logo attached to the actions-on-google tag. It appears to be a sponsored tag (the sponsored links are still on that page, along a large sized Google Assistant logo) and Google still references the tag as the official tag to use for developers to ask questions. Other related tags (such as the google-assistant-sdk) still have their logos.

Did someone at Google forget to pay the bill?

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Good eye! The tag icon disappearing was a result of the configuration date not being updated as we went into a new month. Am sure you'll see it pop up again at some point today as we QA.

  • (I use it as a visual cue for what to click on to see more of them, so it caught my eye pretty quickly.) Looks like it has returned. Thanks!
    – Prisoner
    Commented Jul 5, 2017 at 23:57

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