Here is the question:

Wild Cards * in If Else Statements - Batch Scripting

The OP asked one thing, (which was kind of lame to begin with, but never mind,) I answered, then the OP asked me to look at updated question, and the updated question is like a completely different thing.

So, I rolled back the edit, but I thought I would ask here, because I am not sure what is the right thing to do in situations like this.

I looked at a couple of similar questions here on meta, and it seems like what I did was okay, but I want to make sure.

Note regarding the possible duplicate: the OP did not add a follow-up question, he edited his question thinking that he was clarifying it, and in doing so it became apparent that his real problem was of a different nature than the original question was asking (and my answer was answering.)


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What you did is correct. Editing a question so that the provided answers are invalid is not the right way for the original user to get assistance. If they have further questions, they should post a new question, not invalidate the help they've already been given.

A single roll back and comment explaining why (as you did) is appropriate.

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