I think that the synonym relationship between and is the wrong way around.

The current direction of the relationship probably came about because first we had , which then grew in to .

But DocumentDB is now just one API of four which you can use to access CosmosDB.

APIS: MongoDB, DocumentDB, Gremlin (GraphAPI), Azure Tables

So if I asked a question about using the GraphAPI for CosmosDB, and tagged it with , it'd end up as tagged with which is the wrong API.


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I believe that there should be no synonym whatsoever between these two. CosmosDB is the family of data stores, and does not exist as an individual product. For a brief window in time it seems as though they were simply going to rename DocumentDB to CosmosDB but they have moved past that.

Take a look at the CosmosDB Documentation to see how Microsoft is currently framing this set of products.

To be aligned with the way the product is set up, the tags need to be as follows:

  • azure-cosmosdb-documentdb
  • azure-cosmosdb-mongodb
  • azure-cosmosdb-graph
  • azure-cosmosdb-table
  • azure-cosmosdb-cassandra

There should be no 'azure-cosmosdb' as there is no one product that would be accurately described by this tag.

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