...and the answer you get for the second question answers the first question but doesn't answer the question it was under.

I've been working on answering this question and in doing so, I wrote some basic code that ended up having some unwanted behavior.

I pulled my hair out for about 2 hours, then I asked this question.

Although the user wasn't able to determine why it didn't work, @Santiago Rebella was able to provide me with revised code that did work.

Now, the code that @Santiago Rebella also would work for the original question and I posted it in my answer to allow the OP to go about his business.

However, I have certain doubts if that is the way to go. Was that the proper way to go in the Stack Overflow Community?

  • Well, you attribute it to the person who answered your question. I doubt that the original question could/should be closed as a duplicate, but if you don't want to get reputation for it, maybe you could make it a community wiki answer :) Also, mention to the answerer of your question that you posted his code on the original question, maybe he can chime in ;) Oh, and you mark the answer you got as an answer :p – Icepickle Jun 25 '17 at 20:58
  • @Icepickle Okay, thanks. However, regarding the question, I still haven't discovered why in the world it's not working! – Chris Happy Jun 25 '17 at 23:26

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