I've recently started using some of the shortcuts when helping clarify questions like [mcve] and I am aware there is a page full of them, but what I'm wanting to know is if anyone has need of, or already uses a userscript that has either shortcut keys or button clicks to inject common phrases stated during clarifying of questions.

In the long run it would be a real time-saver so I'm just curious. Anyone? If no one already has one, my plan is to write one and share it as an answer here.


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The AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE is what you're looking for, as indicated by suraj.

You can maintain the collection of pre-baked comments off-site, in a GtiHub repo for example. The SOCVR chat room does exactly that with their autocomments repository. Feel free to submit PR's or hop in the room if you want to discuss suggestions first.

There is also a list with comments on the Über-Meta, Repository of useful pro-forma comments which you might find useful to use with the AutoReviewComments script.

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