Links to other topics or examples seem to have stopped being recognised and correctly rendered for new edits in documentation.

I mean that if I copy the share link from some documentation example and paste it into another piece of documentation, it used to be the case that upon rendering this, with no added markup, the link would be displayed as the example title with a little documentation icon next to it - now it does not, the link text is shown instead with no icon (sometimes the icon is still there, in the case that the link was present before the edit it seems - see the cited example below).

For example; in the C tag's Multithreading topic, the remarks section currently has two links, each added in different edits. The first link, added yesterday, works fine (https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/145096?filter-tags=c). I have added a second edit to this section today, that added some more text and another link... now neither of the links are rendering correctly (https://stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/145106?filter-tags=c).

the problem even seems to be affecting this question!

This much older question shows that this problem happened before... Links to documentation aren't rendered properly

FYI, when editing a change the links appear correctly.

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    Ha. Links to review shouldn't be getting styled like that anyway... But yeah, something's off in the server-side postprocessing, it looks like. – Adam Lear Jun 15 '17 at 17:49

The regex that was supposed to extract links got a wee bit too greedy and treated the two links as one. I fixed that up, and while at it also excluded /documentation/review/changes links from receiving Documentation link styling.

The fix is out now, but unfortunately it won't be applied retroactively. Any edits to the posts/topics involved should pick it up, though.

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