When making several edits in close succession, these edits are combined together into a single revision. However in this manner, the summary may no longer reflect the combined edit.

Consider the summary of revision 9 which reads

added 1 character in body

But more than one character was added since two different edits have been merged.


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Only when you leave the summary box empty when submitting an edit will it be set automatically. Subsequent edits within the grace period let you update the summary (prefilling the summary box for you), if you don't it'll be left to the initial auto-generated summary and nothing changes.

In other words, this is by design. You are given the opportunity to correct your edit, and provide a better summary in the process.

If you want a new auto-generated summary, clear the summary box when you edit again; a new auto-generated comment will be appended to the previous, in the form

changes of first edit; changes of second edit, etc.

If you use a custom summary instead, it will overwrite the previous version entirely.

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