According to this answer on Meta your ranking value is determined by these factors:

  • Take your position, then convert that position to a percentage for all users that qualify (only users with 200 points or more and with a positive reputation change in that period are listed in the rankings).

  • The highest percentage is then shown on your profile, rounded up to a sensible number.


There is also a nice answer on data.stackexchange.com calculating rank and percentile:


However this answer only counts users with a reputation above 100 so perhaps this was the previous requirements, the query was created in 2010.

I have edited the query to only include users with 200 points or above and I think this query gives the correct result for year rank.

The query shows me a rank of 32130 with a reputation of 4007 and on reputation league all time my rank shows as 31895 with all time reputation of 4,042. Current reputation is 4,047 so I guess this has something to do with update frequency. Is this a correct guess?


enter image description here

enter image description here

What I can't solve however is to calculate year rank via data.stackexchange.com. Is this possible to do? The problem as you can see is that the user object only has reputation as an integer and I can't find something else to base it on.

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The SEDE is only updated weekly, on Sunday after 03:00 UTC. This means that the data you looking at can be up to 7 days old. It is good enough for a lot of thing but if you want to query stuff about right now(the present) then it is not going to work.

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