Why are there no tags for documented articles. If I search for Linq I get 3 results: linq , linq-to-sql and linq-to-xml (proposed). But under C# somewhere I found this article: Linq to Objects.

Why not have tags like in questions for documentation too. I wonder how many such documented articles lie hidden under another topic.

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As it happens, this sort of problem is just the sort of thing we hope to address by tearing down the structure of Documentation. Our search isn't up to snuff within a tag and it doesn't look outside of a tag. That means there are many topics (such as Linq and regular expressions) that are repeated over and over again. Not only are you trapped within a tag, there's tons of repetition of the same material rather than iterative improvements on canonical topics.

We don't yet have a solution, but I did want to acknowledge there's a problem. As we produce prototypes, I'll be checking to see if they help make topics more findable across tags.

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