There's been a drop-down feed ticker in the MATLAB & Octave room on SO chat for a long time. Last night we noticed that each post started appearing twice in the feed:

screenshot of 2x2 items in the ticker

The raw RSS feed contains each post once. The URLs in the feed links are identical and contain no protocol header (so if it's due to an HTTP/HTTPS issue, it's not obvious).

Note that we had a similar problem in the past but that was fixed with an appropriate RSS feed link, and this new problem is unrelated (there is only a single feed link set for the ticker).

On May 27th I no longer see this issue. I did restart my browser last night, although the fact that multiple users saw the same issue makes me think these two events are unrelated, and something else changed. Perhaps some cache has been refreshed, or the problem is only present when there's a higher flux of incoming questions (I find this unlikely, but we'll see on Monday).

Anyway, I saw the problem on Firefox 45.8.0 on Debian while it lasted.

The plot thickens: the issue is back on May 27th (Saturday). A user with Firefox 53.0.3 saw the same issue, in the same order of the feed as I did:

newer screenshot

This makes me fairly sure that the problem is server-side.



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