The question "SQL Median function not working" had comments that asked the user to clarify his question by adding sample data. I upvoted one of these comments. Now I don't see neither sample data more these comments. Why were the comments deleted? I am interested if the user finally understood the request and denied to supply data and the writers deleted their comment or if somebody flagged this comments and a moderator deleted them (or any other possibility)? I am not sure if I should ask the OP for sample data in a comment.

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    You sure you're not thinking of this question? – Shog9 May 24 '17 at 16:22
  • @Shog9 Yes, you are right. The user reposted the question. – miracle173 May 24 '17 at 16:33
  • I merged the new post with the old. – Martijn Pieters May 24 '17 at 16:52

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