A while back, I posted a "question" on meta called The things that drive me nuts about documentation. It reached 100 upvotes, so what I said resonated at least with a few people. Recently, the powers that be have posted Tearing Down the Structure of Documentation - the whole thing is going to be reworked. In response, I have a few comments, and of course I'd like to see what everyone thinks.


The current problem with documentation is it's trapping everyone into this very specific box that tries to be helpful with a lot of different types of things but ends up pleasing nobody. Here are a couple of sketches I tried to create to give a general idea of how documentation maybe should look:

  • You click on "Documentation" and...

enter image description here

obviously a pretty terrible sketch, but here goes. The top is obviously the navigation bar. The next section is where it gets interesting. Instead of just a list of the most popular tags, you get a web, with main overarching topics that aren't necessarily tags (but could be). For example, "web development", or "OS specific", or what-have-you. The lines branching off should be faded, sort of linking between sections and leading off to subdivisions (for "web development", you might have "animation", "design", or whatever) and then to individual tags (like "javascript" or "html-css"). You click on a bubble, it zooms in on that particular section and produces the subdivisions/tags. This makes it prettier, and a more intuitive way to find your tag. To show popularity, simply size the bubbles differently. Below this web of topics, it lists favorite tags, and then tags from A-Z. There'd also be a search bar and a tab for your dashboard, which I think would look like the "popular", "name", "new", and "proposed" tabs do in documentation currently.

  • You click on "Dashboard" and...

It jumps you to a tab of your main profile, that looks something like this:

enter image description here

Note that currently there's an activity tab within the documentation tab. This doesn't make much sense in my opinion - incorporate activity in documentation into the normal "all actions" tab. The big thing to notice here is it looks like the other tabs - I find the current documentation tab kind of weird/confusing. The gray boxes by the things under "improvement" would have different icons (review might have a check mark, request for improvement a flag). Yes, there's a link to review - this would always be there, and is a link to the documentation review queue. Also, in the documentation tab, the badge and privilege widgets would switch to a line of documentation milestones, and a selection of documentation badges. These documentation milestones (whatever they may be) need to be made much clearer - I currently don't know much at all about what they are.

  • You click on a specific tag and...

I'm not going to sketch an image for this one, because it would be pretty similar to things already sketched. When you click on a specific tag from wherever, it leads you to a new screen, with a web containing all the topics in that tag, and also connections to other tags from those topics (i.e., in python, you might connect to a SQL topic for a specific application). Users put new topics created into this web. It'd be arranged by where to start (the top of the web would be the "how to install" topic) but also what connects with or uses whatever skill. Requested topics would show up as red/grayed out circles on the web.

The other options would be to click over to an "active" menu, with recently changed topics and a "favorited" menu, with favorite topics in that tag (if any). Instead of just "request a topic" being easily accessible, so would be "create a new topic". It's so annoying to have to click over to your dashboard to find that button, so that would be up top. I don't think there should be a tab linking to your dashboard.

  • You click on "Create a new topic" and...

enter image description here

Look familiar? Yep. It's literally the box that comes up when you click "Ask a Question" with two additions. I'll explain those in a sec, but the reason is that it refixes the attention on what people want and need to say. This is something simple, and as people request things, you have a base to build off of. Okay, so for the two additions: first, along with tags (notice you can include multiple tags) the user also locates it within the web that shows up when you click on a specific tag, and you can drag lines to other sections in other tags. The other thing is a new button - the two brackets marks an "example". Basically, to submit it, you have to include at least one - this helps force people to be example oriented. Really all it does is automatically produce a code block you can fill with a title. Just a way the system can confirm users are adding examples. One other thing that might be awesome for documentation is expanding the JavaScript/HTML/CSS snippet creator to also include other languages, so you can see the result of code snippets as you read.

Let me know what you think...

I might be adding to this with general thoughts on documentation. I started this with a lot to say, and as I sketched out my ideas and focused on details, I forgot some of it. Finally, I'd like to say thanks to the Stack Exchange team - as much as I'm critiquing documentation in this post, I think it has great potential - even as it is, I use it a lot, because it's so nice to have examples. Thank you for the work you've done on this, and I think it'll only get better from here.

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    This is basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The main problems of Docs.SO's structure are not in the landing page for the main Docs site. Also, "webs" are pretty much terrible ways of visually presenting information. They take up too much space, giving them low information density. – Nicol Bolas May 22 '17 at 4:02
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    @NicolBolas if you'd scrolled down and read the whole post it isn't just about the landing page - I know that's not the main problem. – heather May 22 '17 at 11:23
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    I did upvote this question when it was posted because I think there are some valuable ideas here. I'm putting a link into an internal document in case we ever do a Docs 2.0. – Jon Ericson Sep 26 '17 at 19:04