Ever since Kotlin was announced as an official Android language, I've seen numerous questions about the difference (is it replacing Java? Which should I use? Etc.) Would it be worthwhile to just create a canonical/reference post to answer that (like what happened with the NullReferenceException)?

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The questions you describe just sound like they should be closed, frankly. "Which should I use" would be closed any day of the week, regardless of where it came from.

As to whether or not it's "replacing" Java...I'm quite surprised that Google's own announcement doesn't clearly illustrate that...

  • Yes, there have been several that have been closed as too subjective and/or as recommendation requests. "Is this a replacement for Java?" or "am I going to need to rewrite my app now?" are legitimate. In spite of that particular aspect of the issue being off-topic, though, it might be good to clarify as part of a reference post that Kotlin isn't necessarily "better" than Java *per se" (although I guess that point is primarily opinion-based). Commented May 20, 2017 at 13:10

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