Meta devs,

I have read Flagging migration should include more options and understand as of Apr 22 '14 that migration statistics and space are the consideration for not including gamedev.stackexchange.com on the Off-Topic > Close list. Given the age, and the frequency I leave notes on migration to Unix & Linux I want to check if the statistics and space constraints may warrant this addition. Additionally, I welcome discussion on whether limiting the list to Super User and ServerFault has the effect of skewing the statistics of Linux specific questions migrated to Super User that would be more appropriate on Unix & Linux.

The reason I ask is on the Close Question list of sites, we have Super User for general computing hardware/software questions, and we have ServerFault for profession server related questions. However, a large number of questions that need to be migrated and closed on S.O. (or just Closed) are Linux specific questions, but not professional server related that are more properly asked on Unix & Linux (2 out of 3 I voted to close tonight).

I don't know if there is any room to do this, and I get that we cannot put all sites on the list and I agree it should be a statistically determined list, but given the frequency I see Unix & Linux question that need to be closed/migrated that are not professional server related questions, I thought I would offer it up for discussion, and if statistically supported, as a feature-request. Especially since limiting the list to Super User and ServerFault may have a tendency to skew the number of migrations to Super User higher when the question would be more appropriate on Unix & Linux (if that is by intent, then that's fine).

Just food for thought and a chance to revisit the now 3+ year old most frequently cited basis for the current list.

  • Sad to see this without due attention since 2017. I would like to migrate my own question to Unix & Linux community, but it isn't listed yet
    – artu-hnrq
    Apr 24, 2020 at 4:05


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