Could someone explain why stackoverflow.com and the logo in the TopBar point at "Home" tab, but "Questions" link in the TopBar points to the "Newest" tab?

The reason I care is that I use the click on the TopBar to refresh the list of questions displayed.

The old navigation provided quite a large space for a click that refreshed the list of questions for me.

The new navigation reduces that space to just the logo.

I'd like to get that wide click-space back. One way to do that would be to click on "Questions" - but the takes me to "Newest" list, not quite the same.

Can SO change the target of "Questions" to "Home"? Or maybe make the target tabs for logo and "Questions" configurable in the user profile?

  • Wow - this got me a "Tumbleweed" badge :) – user3458 Apr 28 '17 at 18:06

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