I recently deleted a question that already had an answer (the answer didn't solve the question, turned out to be a typo type issue), and saw the repeated deletion warning. I have seen a couple other meta questions with regards to this but have not found how "repeated" is determined.

Is this multiple deletions over a set period of asking history? Over total history? What are the number of deletions at which the warning is enacted?


You're warned every time you delete your own question if it has answers. Chances are, you're in no immediate danger of being blocked - the warning is just informational. But, there are folks who, for whatever reason, make a habit of deleting their questions as soon as they get an answer; needless to say, this is pretty annoying for the folks answering, and so the system penalizes it heavily (especially for very new users).

See also: Better oversight for self-deleted answered questions

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