I was just editing one of my comments and I edited my message to contain the text [edit].

Yes, I know there's a pencil to indicate that a comment has been edited). What I noticed however is that this resulted in a link to edit the post's contents (so not the actual comment). After that I did some more digging and there is another message that also creates a link: [answer] - this links to https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-answer

This seems like a useful shortcut (to the How to Answer page) for telling people who are new to the site or who are posting low quality answers.

My question is: is this intentional, and if so, what other "shortcuts" are there I can use? Is there a list somewhere?

Demonstration in the comments of this post.


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Yes, there are shortcuts. You can find a list of them in Markdown help, Comment formatting.

There is also a canonical list on Meta Stack Exchange.


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