The Triage queue often includes questions that lack code, MCVE or indication of effort to solve the problem. To me, such a question is unsalvageable regardless of (un)familiarity with the language. According to comments here, one should flag a clearly poor question and that disputed flags are not a problem.

However, comments at some of those questions sometimes indicate that the question clarity depends on language/platform knowledge, leading me to skip.

  • Doesn't flagging that ends disputed clutter review queues for those who review flags?
  • Doesn't skipping questions in unfamiliar languages, which might be majority for people like me, waste willingness to review?
  • What would be the best practice is reviewing questions in unfamiliar languages?
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    Skip. It's the same in all review queues. If you don't know, skip. Releated; There is no shame in using “Skip”. Others that do know the language will review. I know it can feel like you're not helpful in skipping but it's actually more helpful to skip than to choose the wrong option.
    – Bugs
    Apr 18, 2017 at 11:15

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If you don't know how to review it, skip it.

Only chose a review option if you're absolutely certain that's the right one.

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