I've recently proposed a change for the Python Documentation. In this edit, I've changed the syntax section of the "Comments and Documentation" topic to make the comments described there valid according to PEP 8 (specifically, there were not enough spaces before and after the # signs).

The edit was rejected for "not attempt[ing] to explain or illustrate the topic". This surprised me.

I still assume my edit was correct on the content level, as I've just changed the comments to make them valid according to the official specification. I could however imagine that my change wasn't clearly visible to the reviewers as a different number of spaces is easy to be overseen, but I'm not sure with this.

I didn't want to resubmit the edit directly with an improved description, so I'm asking here on Meta: Can I resubmit this edit if I point out the changes (the inserted spaces) more exactly in the description? Or is something else wrong with it?

Update: I've noticed that the two spaces before the inline comment which I added were concatenated into one space in the rendered view. Of course, I could now imagine this as good and reasonable rejection reason. I've fixed this in the draft of the change I will submit if the community won't point out other errors.


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As described in the question update, I found out that my edit had (most likely) two major issues:

  1. It was not clearly visible that I've inserted some spaces
  2. The editor concatenated two following spaces, making the edit incorrect

I've fixed both issues by giving a clear descrption and replacing the two spaces with    and resubmitted the edit. It was accepted fast.

At least for the source of the second issue, there are already questions on Meta about it: This question describes specifically my problem, this (more general) question asks why all input is formatted as Markdown although everything is expected to be code.

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